To those people saying Miracle Day’s depiction of humanity is unlikely…

Excuse me, but where were you in history class? It’s not as if this is really anything different than what happened in Nazi Germany just with more high tech and a at least somewhat more reasonable background than ‘you’re gay/jewish/sinti so you’ve got no right to exist — let’s kill you’.

I’ve been to plenty of concentration camps. I’ve seen the re-built places; I’ve had to watch the videos of sick people and starved people. I’ve had to watch the videos of their bodies being shoveled away by freaking excavators. And I don’t believe that humanity has evolved that much in 50 years that they won’t do this shit again.

Just fucking think about it, will you?

(Also, I’m sorry for not making gifs atm. My laptop died and I just got caught up on Torchwood.)